About the Artist

I´m Icelandic, born in Copenhagen in 1976.

I have lived most of my life in Reykjavik, Iceland where I grew up, and where I studied art from the age of 15.

I now live in Aarhus Denmark, where I studied Art History.

I have three daughters.

I travel a lot between the visible and (for many) the invisible world. My paintings (and some texts) are results of this habit. I have a way of cracking codes and receiving information through three dimensional visual forms and everyday objects. I get information through signs, forms and other sensory channels. It's actually a very logical language, based on geometry and natural laws, and in my opinion a much more accurate and nuanced source of information channel than the spoken and written language. It's probably why I express myself artistically through signs, symbols and forms, because it is the language that comes most natural to me.

To explain this method of working and being, I have to admit that I have (just as so many others) had a rather bumpy life from a very young age.

I grew up in a somewhat hard and confusing environment, but I had a father who was a very joyful, generous and loving human being, who tought me a lot about values and the meaning of life. He was exellent at creating a heart warm atmosphere out of nothing to give us.

He passed away when I was still young, and as the hurdles and confusion went on  in my life, I have managed to use the tools of creativity and optimism he taught me to transcend the shape of my not so good baggage into better forms.

The gift of creativity, gratefulness and optimism are real gems that have emerged out of my confusing and somewhat painful baggage. It has taught me alot about being resourceful, because when you have nothing to loose - you are totally free to create whatever your heart desires.

I feel very privileged to have been given the gifts of creativity & love from an early age. Being an artist has truly enchanted my life with sunbeams of hope and beauty in the heavy rain.