Events & Exhibitions


20. June - 26. June 2018 "Hic et Nunc"

Embassy of Arab Republic of Egypt

via delle Terme di Traiano 13-00184 Rome.

curated by Monica Ferrarini & Arte Borgo Gallery.

15. June 2018 - ...

Group exhibition: Working, Thinking, Seeing

Gallery Rossocinabro, Rome, Italy.

10. May - 15. May 2018 Chelsea Art

G. Art Agency of New York, Llc.

75 9th Avenue, New York, NY 10011

21. April - 28. April 2018 Co-Existence 3, Gallery RossoCinabro. Rome, Italy.

curated by Cristina Madini

5. - 17. March 2018


I really enjoy the ARTBOX.PROJECT community. Next time the project will travel to New York for the Armory Art Weeks.


13. December - 31 December 2017 THE ORIGINALS ROME.

The New York based G. Art Agency, Llc.

curated by Joe Hansen & Cristina Madini. Rome, Italy.

6. November - 18. November 2017 THE ORIGINALS NEW YORK. The New York based G. Art Agency, Llc.curated by Joe Hansen. New York, USA.

4.November 2017 International Prize Andrea Mantegna at the Social Theatre of MANTOVA, Italy.

4.November - 10. November 2017

Mantova International Biennial of Contemporary Art

Francesco Gonzaga Museum, Mantova, Italy.

14. October - 31. October 2017. 

ARTWORKS CONNECTIONS On the occasion of the the XIII Contemporary AMACI Day, RossoCinabro, Rome, Italy.

4. September - 30. September 2017

September Contemporary

The New York based G. Art Agency, Llc.& RossoCinabro Gallery in Rome, Italy.

21. August - 28. August 2017

August Contemporary

RossoCinabro Gallery, Rome, Italy.

3.July - 28. July 2017

Contemporary Collected

RossoCinabro Gallery, Rome, Italy.

14. June - 18. June 2017


Basel Art Week, EuroAirport Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg, France.

15. May - 10.June 2017

Group exhibition: 'Contemporary Looks'

curated by Joe Hansen & Cristia Madini. RossoCinabro Gallery, Rome, Italy.

16. March - 16. April 2017

Group exhibition, RossoCinabro Gallery, Rome, Italy.

curated by Joe Hansen

10. - 28. February 2017

Exhibition: On Life

G. Agency Art Agency in New York in collaboration with the RossoCinabro Gallery, Rome, Italy.

curated by Joe Hansen & Cristina Madini.

15. - 31. December  2016


In collaboration with The New York based G. Art Agency, Llc. in collaboration with Gallery RossoCinabro in Rome, curated by Joe Hansen & Cristina Madini. Rome, Italy. 

10. - 15. December  2016


In collaboration with The New York based G. Art Agency, Llc. in collaboration with my collaborator in Rome, Gallery RossoCinabro.

curated by Joe Hansen in Tokyo-Bay, Japan.

30. November - 4. December 2016


One of my artworks will be exhibited at the event: MIAMI 1.0. Spectrum-Miami, Miami Beach, U.S.A.

15. October - 30. October 2016

Exhibition: Identità composite

Rome, Italy.

On the occasion of the XII Contemporary Day organized by AMACI (Association of Museums of Italian Contemporary Art)

'Composite Identities' has a focus on the idea of identity and the various connections that it assumes with the world and the reality.

2. September 2016

Exhibition: Permanent collection,

European Art Museum,

Frederiksværk, Denmark.

1. September - 1. October 2016

I worked as a visual consultant in the cross-aesthetic project: Message in a bottle - for Aarhus European cultural capital 2017


22.August - 25 August 2016.

Exhibition: August Contemporary Tokyo.

Tokyo, Japan.

"The New York based G. Art Agency, Llc. presents selected works of artists from Europe and the United States at Mitsui Shopping Park LaLaport situated in Tokyo-Bay."


8. August - 12 August 2016.

Exhibition: August Contemporary New York.

Manhattan, N.Y. U.S.A.

"The New York based G. Art Agency, Llc. presents the AUGUST CONTEMPORARY |August 8 - 12,  2016 Group Exhibition at the 11W 42end street New York situated in Manhattan b/t Avenue Of The Americas & 5th Ave Midtown West"

2.August 2016

Exhibiton & collaboration

Gallery RossoCinabro

Via Raffale Cadorna 28

00187 Roma, Italy.

3.June - 24. June 2016 

Exhibition: Calculation.

Kurgan Regional Art Museum,

Kurgan, Western Siberia, Russia.

9. June - 12. June 2016

Exhibition: Triennale dell´ARTE contemporanea.  Verona, Italy.

2. April - 30. April 2016

Exhibition: Produktionsgang. Godsbanen - Center for cultural production in Aarhus, Denmark.

11. December 2015

I will receive an award, at the award ceremony "Artists at the Castle" in the Orsini Castle of Nerola, outside of Rome. The event is in collaboration with EA editiore.

10. December 2015

I will be awarded the "International Prize Michelangelo - Artists at the Jubilee".

28. November - 10. December 2015

Exhibition: Little Treasures, in Galleria De Marchi, Bologna, Italy.

14. & 15. November 2015

Exhibition: EuropArtfair in Rotterdam Netherlands.

8. November 2015

I will take part in the event "Artist for Unicef", in the Sala degli specchi at the Politeama Theatre of Palermo, Sicily, Italy.

July 2015 - September 2015

I will work on my craft in a small atelier inside the ArtMindGallery, placed in Aarhus centrum, Denmark.

23. June 2015

Four of my works will be published in the curated New York published In.Co. Artists distributed art book:

International Contemporary Artists          volume X.

The book is distributed internationally to galleries and museums in the U.S and in Europe. The book is for sale on

14-18. april 2015

I took part in the presentation of the Off 2017 network @ Aarhus 2017 European Cultural Capital - the trip to 2017, Riddehuset, Aarhus C.

6. - 12. February 2015

”Art for children with cancer”, Odense City Hall, Denmark.

8.januar - 18. januar 2015

Solo Exhibition: Galleri 8240, Risskov/Aarhus, Denmark.



Aarhus University

August 2. 2014


The Upstreamers

Upstream People Gallery

5607 Howard Street

Omaha, NE 68106-1257 U. S. A.


"Artist ANJA STELLA OLAFSDOTTIR of AARHUS, DENMARK has received a Special Recognition Award in the

"11th Annual Color: Bold/Subtle Juried Online International Art Exhibition" hosted by Upstream People Gallery.

This international exhibition received approximately 160 art entries from around the world and 32 artists were

selected by the juror Laurence Bradshaw, Professor of Art at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, U. S. A.

Professor Bradshaw states this about this specially recognized work:

"ANJA STELLA OLAFSDOTTIR of Aarhus, Denmark places nine square canvases in a grid formation with imagery connecting them together. In "Wishes" subtle use of color works well with the dynamics of the tension sensed between the two birds."

The artist states this about this specially recognized artwork:

"Wishes tells the story about a little hummingbird, which is a native american symbol of peace, love and happiness. It wishes to fly free to the other side, but is kind of stuck in limbo because of the big owl, a Catholic Christian symbol of an evil omen closing in on it. The painting signifies my own struggle to overcome the structural dogma I´ve had to fight through, in my life.""