Maj 2019

In 2017 I started to offer angel readings.

  The purpose of a reading is to locate where healing is needed and also look into the future and see the energies, possibilities and challenges surrounding a topic or question. 

For the past two years I have focused on optimizing my communication skills by building a bridge between clairvoyance and art-language in a more practical way, by working on my drawing skills to be able to communicate clairvoyant messages through formlanguage with drawings, instead of using the cards and the crystal ball.

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About clairvoyant readings

Ultimately all readings are about shifting the individual's perception from one state of consciousness in time and space to another, in order to help  heal from grief in any shape or form.

The way I work is that I communicate with my client’s guardian angels and sometimes also their departed loved ones, if they have important messages that help the clients to heal.

I receive messages through automatic writing, get visions and lay Tarot cards to paint the bigger picture.

When I lay Tarot cards I tell people a story of themselves, based on the energy that surrounds the concern or question, how this came to be,(the cause) of the situation, and what events will unfold and happen (the effect) if the client keeps travelling on this path.

Tarot and readings has the function of a compass. Offering clarity into a situation, kind of like a weather report. It’s nice to know where the winds are coming from so we can rearrange our sails for a safer journey.

To start out I want to tell you that all Art comes from God. Art doesn’t come from the analytic mind or any other outside source. Art is the language of the soul that has taken form in space & time - let it be visual, music, drama, poetry, literature ect.

When I say God, I mean he is the creator and we are the created. The created lives in the creator and the creator lives in the created.

Or to quote Rumi: “you are not just a drop in the ocean, you are the mighty ocean in the drop”. 

We are all connected to the same Matrix and therefore we all can connect to each other and to the source through our soul.

Art comes out through the same channel as clairvoyance does, so for me this method of working is not a new one, it’s just another tool from the same toolbox, with the intention of reaching people and bringing blessings to them in another way.

I want to tell you a little story of my own journey with the Tarot-cards and hopefully you will get a little wiser on your own story through my metaphor with Tarot.

First I want to tell you about the basics of Tarot.

Tarot explores the physical world of duality – night & day, black & white, male & female, cold & warm, truth & false, good & bad…

So every card bears the seed to good qualities and bad qualities, just like in our physical world where we have the human duality of soul & ego.


Like for instance the Major Arcana card “The Lovers”.

Love is a topic anyone can relate to,

just to help clarify the dualities of good & bad, ego & soul.

Love on the ego/karmic level can both be good and bad, intoxicating, thrilling and making you high. But then the same feelings can flip over and turn into toxic suicidal pain, colored with jealousy.

Love on the soul level is a whole other ballgame.

Love on the soul level is free of karma & expectations and is expansive to the soul. It's a deep felt happiness of pure understanding, knowingness & support.


The Tarot deck consists of 78 cards, 56 Minor Arcana and 22 Major Arcana cards.

Arcana means secrets in Latin – and so we have a “whole” deck consisting of 78 “singular” keys to unlock secrets in a story to explore the physical world of duality.

As you can hear Tarot is very exiting!

I lay the cards to paint a whole picture.

The picture consists of singular keys, each unlocking singular stories. 

A good reader has to combine the cards intuitively and read between the lines to glue the context together - to see the whole picture.

The Tarot cards are truly a magical divination tool.

The Minor Arcana cards tell stories of everyday worries and joys & the Major Arcana cards tell stories of soul lessons, outside of our control. 

The Major Arcana cards start with the “Fool” going on a journey – and in the old days the Majors were told as a story of the Fool’s journey going through all the life lessons of the Major Arcana.

On that note I want to tell you the story of my own journey through “Major Arcana” life lessons that led me to you as an Artist & Metaphysician.

As a child I grew up in a very religious household, I knew the Bible back and forth, sat in church every Sunday for 3 hours straight and prayed every day: morning, before every meal and before bed. My connection with God the angels, Jesus and the virgin Mary has been there from the day I was born.

I just didn’t know it was called being clairvoyant – to me it was natural to talk to God and my spiritual guides. Here is the first "Major Arcana card", functioning like a guiding star and telling the story of my core strength in life.

In primary school I wasn’t very good at paying attention and I didn’t do much homework, I used to draw with my fingers in the air and watch the light coming out of my fingers in the air, - or I would draw on the school table, and somehow I got the assignment of decorating the class blackboard every December.

The blackboard was huge and I got every shade in chalk sticks to do the job, and I blended them in the shades I didn’t have to reach the right outcome. I got this assignment from the teachers every year until I was ca 12 years old, and there you can say I got my first art assignments.

Another "Major Arcana card" right there, again working as a guiding star for my life’s path as an artist, I didn’t get the message there though.

When I was almost 15 years old we got the assignment to draw a portrait of our Art teacher. All the students in school voted on who should win the title of the schools best portrait artist - I won that title. Another "Major Arcana" card, right there to guide me towards Art.

So here I thought all right then, I will choose a college that focuses primary on visual arts. And so I did. My fathers sister was the Art History & drawing teacher in this college, and many years later I can see how she was a real influence in my life, another "Major Arcana card" right there  like a guiding star shining on my path.

I dropped out of Art college at the age of 18 when my father died because the bank took our home and life took over.

When I was about 19 years old my good friend came over and handed me a deep-ultramarine coloured velvet box containing my first deck of Tarot. The deck was in Spanish and my friend had gotten it from a stranger on his way over.

The woman told him to give it to his friend. That is another "Major Arcana card" right there, guiding me towards the direction of metaphysics.

I was scared to death by these Tarot cards – I have always been very sensitive to energy in objects, just like in Catholic Churches the objects really vibrate with the energy of the spirits they are portraying, some objects are holy and other objects have bad vibes. The Tarot cards had a bad vibe and I threw them out.

I forgot all about the cards, life took over I got married, had a couple of babies, and then one day I decided I wanted to help people so I went back to school. I took a lot of math, physics, chemistry and biology, first online and then I got enrolled in the Reykjavik Open University in the science department - I was aiming for the health department. But I was eventually bored to death by math, and decided to go back to Art school, just to be able to breath normally again. Another "Major Arcana card" right there, guiding me back on track.

And so I got back to Art College and finished my degree at the age of 30. By then I really wanted to play more, but somehow God shut all the 7 doors I knocked on to Art schools. Another "Major Arcana card" right there guiding me in another direction, I really didn’t like that one.

But because of all my science lessons combined with the Art, I got lucky and got an entry ticket into the brand new Art History department at Iceland University.

I had really loved Art History from my teen years with my aunt and also from  two semesters with a scholar who taught me classical greek philosophy and Art History while I was pregnant with my first child. The major interest I had in Art History was sparked by all the religious art in the Catholic Churches and the virtuoso of the old masters.

The new study in Iceland wasn’t very serious, this I found out later, because after I had baby nr 3 conjunct the financial crisis in Iceland, the family moved to Denmark where I got enrolled into Aarhus University in Art History.

It took me a handful of extra courses to finally be accepted in there, but I really wanted to finish what I had started, and most of all I really really wanted to be normal and get a normal education – and with honors... But my artistic mind lives it's own life and so it took over. Never in my life had I been so challenged. God put me in the University and kept me there for 5 years. And towards the end, the University was the only consistent thing in my life, so I held on tightly.

But why God put me there in the first place I didn't understand.

This "Major Arcana card" took me some time to figure out.

Mostly because to me all Art comes from God, Art takes form through divine inspiration, visual, music, poetry etc. And here I couldn’t possibly be artistic or create, I was only supposed to analyze the divine that had taken form through signs, symbols and forms - and so that’s what I did – and I thought I did quite well.

They didn’t understand why I did what I did, and I didn’t understand why they couldn’t understand what Art was all about – I saw living vivid stories waiting to be told.

There is a Major Arcana card in the Tarot deck called the “Hanged Man”, symbolizing a man hanging upside down in limbo, waiting and waiting and finally he gets a revelation. This was my Major Arcana card answering the question of why I was trained for 5 years as an Art Historian.

As an Art Historian I got trained to read visual media, read the symbols, the signs, the time, space and context to get a hold of the whole picture.

And the truth is that this training has given me an amazing, easy access tool hammered so hard inside every cell of my body, that enables me to receive messages metaphysically in my everyday life, everywhere I go. My "Tarot deck" is everywhere, in the people I meet, in the things I see, in visual objects in my everyday life, through signs, patterns and in the whole context.

Very similar to a Tarot reader, the Art Historian reads singular signs to unlock symbolic meaning, looks at the form, the location of the signs and symbols in space and time to gain an interpretation of the whole picture. Furthermore, added information is glued in the context from the society where the artwork was created.

It’s the very same procedure I use when I read life’s signs and symbols as I use when reading Tarot. But unlike what was allowed in the University, where you solely use the radical mind to solve a puzzle, I use all my 6 senses.


Academic Art History gave me insight into the world of duality.

Here I learned to tie rational thought and intuition together.

I got many valuable tools out of this life experience, and the truth is the same with the Major Arcana cards in the Tarot deck

- the harder the challenge, the bigger the rewards -

To sum up my story & tie it together with Metaphysics.

There are no bad spreads in Tarot, and there are no bad life lessons either. The dice of God are always loaded, even though we cannot see it while we are in it, there are always valuable gifts hidden in all hardship.

The Minor Arcana cards tell stories of how our own intentions, desires and karma affect our lives. These cards are different from the Major Arcana cards, because the effects of them are easier to change and manage.

Ultimately all readings are about finding an Achilles heel,

to locate where the thorn is, in order to be able remove it

and bring about healing.


And what I learned so far is that life is a process.