Art Works

Amas Veritas 2017

H:120 cm W: 120 cm (9 x 40 cm x 40 cm)


Medium: Oil on canvas


To give birth to a drum, a personal workingtool the shaman uses to do the work spirits have appointed on him to do is a long hard and thorny journey. The drum cannot be stolen and it cannot be bought, it has to be earned by the shaman and blood has to be shed. 

Living in solitude like a hermit is part of the process. It's a very personal journey, where many private battles are fought, without the shaman having a clue where these battles are leading him.

All the lessons the shaman learnes along the way through these battles have to be transformed into valuable tools and cought within the drums frame, for the shaman to gain control and power over his drum. But to gain skin for the drum, a deer has to be caught and slaughterd with the shamans bare hands. The thing to emphazize is, the shaman doesn't have a choice, he will eventually turn mad, being constantly haunted by the spirits if he doesn't do the work he is born to do.

This fariy tale is about the process of giving birth to a drum.

There are 7 owls in the painting, the owls symbolize wisdom in traditional pragmatic sense, but there is one very special owl, placed center stage in the painting on top of the shamans head. The special owl has the golden aura of Ra. Without the warmth, wisdom and protection of this extraordenary owl the shaman would never have been able to give birth to the drum. And the shaman's drum bears a visible index of the owl's power - the right eye of Ra  is incorporated in the drum.

In ancient Egyptian mythology the function of the eye of Ra is a feminine counterpart to the sun god Ra.

The lines of the right eye of Ra, traditionally signifies the 6 senses: sight, hearing, smell, touch, taste - and knowledge (the 6'th sense). Traditionally in Greek Aristotelian philosophy, the senses are described as 5.

Therefor the 6'th sense in the eye of Ra from the drum "knowledge"

is symbolized in the form it takes

through expression, illustrated by the

two snakes coming out of the shamans mouth.

They snakes are twins, in the way that they work

together - as above so below.

Snakes are mythical creatures known for their

transformation & healing power.

They shed their own skin and have been regarded

as guardians of the Underworld or messengers

between the Upper and Lower worlds because they

lived in cracks and holes in the ground.

Snakes have been connected to creation myths and medicine because of their fertility associations and healing powers.

For a shaman to hold a snake is a delicate art, it can bite you with poison if you hold it to tightly, while if it's held too loose it can easily slither away from you. Thus the healing and transformative power of the snake is not to be used for personal reasons but too heal and serve the people.

The knowledge sense is located in the third eye - controlled by the cerebellum. We use this part of the brain also when we preform clean movements - action without thinking with the analytical mind. like for example when walking on a line high above the ground without a savety net - No one can't walk on line if they are afraid.

There are also 12 red roses in the bottom of the painting. The powerful solarenergy of the owl of Ra enables everything around the shaman to grow and flurish. And the drum, infused with the eye of Ra creates running water to nourish the roses in the soil.

Light a candle for Mother Earth

This is a project or a sketch I'm working on for the theme:

"current state".

Our current state calls for action on many frontiers, as individuals we have many different concerns. My primary concern and focus is helping people to see our earth as a living and breathing mechanism. Nature has a vivid heartbeat and

we have to take better care of her, as she takes care of us.

Nothing makes me more sad than seeing all the garbage people leave in nature. I use many hours picking up trash when outside and it hurts me to see the disrespect people have for her, both near and far away.

When the earth is sick we become sick. Without a healthy eco system we can not survive on this planet.


The idea behind this video sketch is to illustrate an altarpiece, where instead of lighting a candle and praying to Jesus and the Virgin Mother,

I invite you to join in prayer for Mother Earth and light a candle for her - she provides us with life -


The illustration of a fairy blowing dandelion feathers up in the air is carved out in wood, and led up with candles. This illustration symbolises all the positive intentions we send out when we pray for her and

spread new seeds that will grow, blossom and multiply for our earth.

Intentions and prayers wrapped up in love is magical fairy dust.

Lets light a candle for Mother Earth

See the videolink below:


The Mirror 2017

H:120 cm W: 100 cm

Medium: Oil on canvas framed in with icelandic lavastones & thickening paste


This is a portrait of my firstborn.

She almost didn’t make it into this world, and I remember thinking at that time, she probably must have had second thoughts about the contract she had signed, to enter into this sphere with me.

Me and her, we have a very deep and profound connection incarnation-vise, and I remember how thankful I was to be reunited with her again.

My life had been turbulent, and her arrival was truly a beam of divine light into my life.

God's ways are never subjective, they are without exception constructed on the laws of nature, and our children inherit our DNA for better or worse – both the DNA we can measure with the current technology we have at our disposal in logical terms, but they also inherit the DNA referred to in common language as being karmic. That is, the DNA that could be described as invisible to the mortal eye; even though it certainly isn’t invisible; - we can also call it metaphysical DNA.

This is a genius tool God uses to help us to evolve, by mirroring our own hidden sides back at us through our children, so we can look ourselves into the eye – and see our own issues and accept them. God's way of giving us an opportunity to release our own baggage through love. 

My daughter is the bravest soul I know, the gigantic cross she has agreed to bear to help me evolve on a soul level, is the truest definition of love there is – it is love beyond measurement.

My daughter and me share a language we communicate through, based on symbols and signs. She has also inherited the clairvoyant gift running through our veins, probably inherited from my mother who has gypsy blood on both sides(my mother will get her praise at another time, she is the biggest champion I know on how to handle life’s tragedies with a loving and optimistic heart).

Back to the painting:

I started painting this portrait as I thought I saw my daughter when she was 13, after we where reunited again from being apart for a whole year.

But I had to put the portrait away throughout her puberty  – it was really impossible for me to work on it.

Everything I thought I knew about her was in constant movement and rapidly evolving.

Now 3 ½ years later I finally managed to go back to the painting and finish it.

The name of this portrait stems form the description I have written above.

She has mirrored back all my issues - good and bad, like a laser beam on a soul level, forcing me to look myself in the eye, through hers.

My gift back to her and to her younger sisters, is doing my very best to transform the baggage I received in my own cradle into better forms

& erase my own demons from their bloodline.

Dawn 2016

H: 90 cm W: 90 cm

Medium: Oil on canvas

About: I decided to show this painting close together as it hangs when I paint it. Simply because it is very wet, and my fingers are already covered in prussian blue. I will seperate the pieces and photograph them individually for a better quality effect at a later stage. But for now the dawn really wanted to break through, and the sun waits for no one. - The final result is up now!

I never know beforehand what will happen when I start to work. There is an unpredictable barbarian living inside of me who communicates through me, when I manage to create an undisturbed space around me free of clutter. It is a bit challenging to create this working space, because the world we live in has a whole other way of functioning, and sometimes I feel claustrophobic inside this three dimentional world, where everything has a set of rules I don't know how to work around. Being an artist is obviously both a blessing and a curse, but I have learned to come to terms with it.

About the name of the painting: My father who I adored was an opera singer. My home was filled with singing and music and he used to sing a duet about a Watchman, who looked at a glimmering star and waited for the dawn to arrive - and here it is - the dawn :)

I kind of feel like the name is a personal message from him to me. I painted for 10 hours straight all yesterday night, and stopped at 6 am and then I heard this song inside my head and had the name.

Here is the fairy tale of Dawn:

The setting is deep in the forrest, the sun is about to rise from the east, starting a new cycle.

A fairy queen sits under the big Oak in the middleground, sending out a message. She has just kissed the white dove, providing it with fairy dust for protection on it's flight, enabling extra strenght to the doves wings to reach it´s destination safely.

Her magic is rooted in the support of the big solid, strong and vivid Oaktree. The Oak shields her from the heavy rain and strong wind, with it's tall and wide leafy crown, providing the fairy queen with emotional oxygen and the mental strength to create her own sunshine and pixy dust.

A deer is sneaking into the background from the left side, and it looks quite perplexed by it all, having his cognitive tool located inside the antlers on top of his head. 

Pieta 2016

H: 48 cm W: 58 cm

Medium: Oil on canvas

About:When I was asked to donate a painting to the new European Art Museum, opening on september 2, 2016, and shortly after asked to honour my favorit painter, Rembrandt van Rijns 410 birthday, in a special italian birthday publication, I knew I had to draw on my religious core, and work on a religious motive. I painted a pieta.

A Pieta illustrates a very beautiful moment. Here the mother is communicating with the father, holding her lifeless son in her arms - in the transit where something that is outworn dies, in order for a new life to start again.

It's the very symbolism of Christianity, where Christ walked before us and showed us the way to illumination, by crucifying the lower self, peeling a layer of the onion and shedding it, the reason why he is called our saviour, because of his example of how to do it...We remember this ritual every easter, the essence of fertility and the force of life, illustrated by bunnies and eggs, reminding us that the only certain thing in the earthly life is change - death and rebirth - mirroring nature in it's purest state.

Endings seem very dramatic when they occur, just like the labour does that has to take place before the birth of new life, emerging from the ashes -  a new day - a new start.

She knows - Maria knows - a mother knows.

In the book of Job 1:21. says: "Naked I came from my mother's womb, and naked I will depart. The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away; may the name of the Lord be praised."

I don´t know if Rembrandt would approve of my humble contribution, but it is a real honour for me - I feel very thankful and blessed.

The Pieta will have a home in the new European Art Museum next fall.

  prendre la fuite 2016

H: 90 cm W: 90 cm (9 x 30 x 30)

Medium: Icelandic lavastones, thickening paste, acrylic base and oil on canvas.

About:This painting emerged on the canvas, as a symbol of faith, magic and love, in the big tumultuous storm I was going through. It came to me as a very gentle and tender whisper in french, speaking softly that everything would end up even more amazing than I could imagine.

This artwork is my contribution to the Triennale Italia art expo exhibition in Verona, june 2016.

In The Blood of Eden 2015

H: 40 cm W: 40 cm (4 x 20 x 20)

Medium: Icelandic lavastones, thickening paste, acrylic base and oil on canvas.

About:This painting is made especially for the exhibition “Little Treasures 2015” in Bologna.

The job was to create 4 pieces of 20 cm x 20 cm canvas, and I made a little story out of mine, by connecting them together like I use to do.

A method, that stems from my love of connecting information into a larger pattern, but also it is a symbolic presentation of the essence of my intentions. That is, to demonstrate visually how nature, imagination and fairy tales in a big way are viewed from a distance, like through a window in the larger society perspective. It makes me different I guess, as this is my reality, equally as the physical reality is.

In this painting I tell a story of the reawakening process that happens within the human soul, when it meets the reflection of it's own. I call it "In the blood of Eden", because the meeting echoes back who we are, and remind us what our purpose and job is in life.

The white peacock, symbolizes this element in the picture – the element that activates the memory of the garden where it all started. The Garden of Eden in the Bible is of course, merely a visual symbol of mother earth's womb - before man realizes his own free will, and goes on to destruct himself and his surroundings.

The name of the painting furthermore is inspired by Peter Gabriel's story of the same title. Because it played continually inside my mind when I was creating the painting.

For normal people this would probably sound weird, but I receive information all the time in the form of symbols of all kinds in my surroundings. I see them, I hear them and I dream them. Creating is a step by step process for me. I never know where the clues will lead me. I´m guided from within, and I just trust in the process.

Circle of Life 2015

H: 80 cm W: 80 cm (4 x 40 x 40)

Medium: Icelandic lavastones, thickening paste, acrylic base and oil on canvas.

About:This fairytale is about the circle of life. My daughters are quite sure it is Moses, and since my pot caught fire on the stove, the same day he emerged on the picture, - (Moses got a burning bush,I got a burning pot), they may be on to something :). But inside my head I can hear the song from Disney´s Lion King. I cried my eyes out when I saw it first, it is possibly the saddest film I have ever seen.

Self portrait 2015

H: 100 cm W: 200 cm (8 x 50 x 50)

Medium: Icelandic lavastones, thickening paste, acrylic base and oil on canvas.

About:Painting a self portrait is one of the most interesting investigations a painter can do. It's been 9 years since I last painted one, and I was getting a little curious about that mirror thing.

I don´t control what comes out when I work. I'm guided through it.

And because the serpent has a rather bad reputation from Genesis and the Harry Potter books, I feel like I must defend it a little here:). The serpent is a very old and widespread mythological symbol, representing amongst many things the force of life, death and rebirth, healing powers - and signifies the umbilical cord between humans and mother earth. The serpent is associated with some of the oldest rituals known to humankind. I think it's only scary to people who deny their own nature. Those who know how to make use of it, understand how beautiful and powerful this essence is. It was also a royal symbol of the Pharoes in ancient Egypt.

Full Moon 2015.

H: 150 cm W: 200 cm(12x 50 x 50)

Medium: Icelandic lavastones, thickening paste, acrylic base and oil on canvas.

About:This painting signifies the inner struggles I deal with, when I do what I need to do in order to thrive in life. Painting this work, has been such a struggle for me - and I´m still not sure if I managed to pull it off. I could work on it for 2 more years and still not know for sure. I´m intensely challenged between wanting to do nice work while taming my own raw nature doing so - it somehow got the upper hand in this work. It's my double struggle as a woman that shines through in the images of the two fairies. The fearless one who tames the owl and steers it to success, and the private one, who yearns to focus on the optimistic and beautiful sides of life, while being surrounded by wolves who are ready to attack at any time.

Lumen 2014.

H: 150 cm W: 150 cm(9 x 50 x 50)

Medium: Icelandic lavastones, thickening paste, acrylic base and oil on canvas.

About: This is a fairy tale happening on a midsummer night in the forest, where the transit between life and death is so delicate that it depends on love, faith and fairy dust. The little fairy is portrayed by my youngest daughter Sylvia Stella.


Gaia 2013.

H: 120 cm W: 100 cm

Medium: Icelandic lavastones, thickening paste, acrylic base and oil on canvas.

About:I´m so fascinated by mother earth´s creative force, her gentle consistence, optimistic colouring and prosperous growth. As a woman and a mother I feel very closely connected to her and to her power. It always amazes me how she manages to grow, flourish and nurture us after all we put her through.

New Moon 2013.

H: 120 cm W: 100 cm

Medium: Icelandic lavastones, thickening paste, acrylic base and oil on canvas.

About:I always feel there is a magic power with every new moon. Like a fairy tale bursting to unfold itself, with limitless unspoken opportunities and possibilities. Nature somehow awakens in a different way in the moonlight.


viridi antro 2013.

H: 100 cm W: 100 cm (4x50x50)

Medium: Icelandic lavastones, thickening paste, acrylic base and oil on canvas.

About:The bird has fought it´s way through the dark green cave, out of the pure urge of wanting to taste the sweetest of nectar. The journey through the cave has torn the bird in all directions.

Wonderland 2013.

H: 175 cm W: 110 cm

Medium: Icelandic lavastones, thickening paste, acrylic base and oil on canvas.

About:This painting is about primary life energies in it´s purest form. Organic, magical, core shaking, transforming life energies, that grow and flourish from the prosperous soil.

It´s about Love.

Wishes 2011.

H: 120 cm W: 120 cm (9x40x40)

Medium: Icelandic lavastones, thickening paste, acrylic base and oil on canvas.

About:Wishes tells the story about a little hummingbird, which is a native american symbol of peace, love and happiness. It wishes to fly free to the other side, but is kind of stuck in limbo because of the big owl, a Catholic Christian symbol of an evil omen closing in on it. The painting signifies my own struggle to overcome the structural dogma I´ve had to fight through, in my life.

This painting recived a price on August 2, 2014 from curator, professor of Art at Nebraska University, Larry Bradshaw.

Cave 2009.

H: 100 cm W: 80 cm

Medium: Icelandic lavastones, thickening paste, acrylic base and oil on canvas.

About:The intention with this painting was to create a feel good space, even though a cave in it's nature is full of darkness,there is always some hope, beauty and magic hidden in the darkness if you look for it.

self portrait 2006

H: 70 cm W: 50 cm

Medium:concrete on cardboard and oil.

Wonderworld 2006

H: 150 cm W: 150 cm (9x50x50)

Medium: Thickening paste, acrylic base and oil on canvas.

About:My little rays of sunshine, in a magical wonderworld where beauty sleeps and happiness lives.

The mermaids are portraits of my two oldest daughters.


Study 2006

H: 80 cm W: 100 cm

Medium:oil on canvas.

About: This is my little girl Isabella, the one in the middle. She is a real angel who brings peace everywhere she goes. I used to  sit and draw her and her older sister Athena (my oldest, who is a true creator, and the one who brought meaning back into my life) a lot when they where little. Isabella has a very special healing energy.

So Quiet 2006

H: 80 cm W: 100 cm

Medium: Thickening paste, acrylic base and oil on canvas.

About:This is a portrait of my father & solo guardian as a child. He was gone to soon. He was an exceptionally kind and generous man. He had a very joyful personality, colored  with music. When he died everything became very quiet.


Sleep 2006

H: 80 cm W: 100 cm

Medium:Acrylic on paper.

About:This painting was made in school. It scared the other students, so I softened it down a lot, especially around the eye area. It still bothers me, that It´s spirit got erased in the process of pleasing the audience.